On Portraiture


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Attitude on the part of the artists, and of the sitters, is fundamental to portraiture. Van Dyck, subservient to his masters but not when his eyes search out the character. Edgar Degas, a contrasting artist, who painted artistic friends, strangers doing  a variety of activities. The master of concision, Allan Ramsay, alongside Henry Raeburn and Welshman Richard Wilson, better known for his landscapes. Gainsborough is the dominant portraitist of the second half of the 18th century. The almost forgotten Mary Beale is a prolific Suffolk portrait-maker, and Thomas Lawrence painted everyone of consequence in the Napoleonic era. At Bergamo, Lorenzo Lotto (working 1500-) portrayed humble people whilst Daumier, in Paris, ground out satirical and political lithographs denying his urge to paint, but leaving memorable records of citizens at the bottom of the heap and their masters.


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