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Classical Studies: The Macedonian Wars




Lecturer: Chiara Strazzulla


10.00 AM – 12.00 noon

November 3rd – December 1st

5 weeks £70 – notes only £35



For the Romans, defeating Carthage was the beginning, not the end… Now awakened to their new status as a Mediterranean superpower, the Romans engage in conflict on an unprecedented scale to confront one of the essential threats to their primacy in the region. The Kingdom of Macedonia was more than a mountainous area to the North of Greece: it was the homeland of Alexander the Great and had for a long time cast itself as the protector of all things Greek. The Macedonian Wars would drag Rome into the complex network of allegiances and rivalries of the Hellenistic Kingdoms, forcing it to look East and confront itself with cultures far older and more complex than its own. But the Romans never lacked for ambition – and Macedonia would become the forge of an empire in more ways than one…



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