Language Guide

All of CEF’s modern language courses will place a great emphasis on listening, reading and speaking. With a clear and structured approach, students will develop their skills and confidence, enabling them to use the language in practical contexts. There will also be regular references to the foreign cultures. We use a range of resources and activities. 

Levels will only form if there is a sufficient number of students – please enquire if you don’t see the level that you think you are on.

Please note that the courses do not provide formal preparation for specific qualifications. However, the various levels correlate approximately with those of the ‘Common European Framework of Reference for Languages’ (see bottom of page for details).


“For the Terrified” 

This is an introductory course requiring no previous knowledge. Students will learn to understand basic language, enabling them to ask and to answer simple questions in very clearly-defined contexts.


This course is for those who have a rudimentary knowledge but who are looking to develop their confidence in the language. Students will improve their ability to understand simple material and will learn to communicate in familiar contexts.

“Moving on”

This course is for those who have a fairly good knowledge. Students will move towards a more independent use of the language, enabling them to understand more complex material and to converse in a variety of contexts.

“For the More Confident”

This course is designed for the more confident who wish to use their knowledge in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Students will hone their comprehension skills on a variety of authentic materials while leading to in-depth conversations and discussions.

If you are not sure what level you are then please ring the office on 07305549021.

Students will generally spend a year (3 terms) on each of these levels.


Approximate correlation of ‘CEF’ language courses with the levels of the ‘Common European Framework of References for Languages’

Please note that CEF courses emphasise listening, reading and speaking.

‘For the Terrified’: A1

‘Beginners’: A2

‘Post Beginners’: A bridge between A2 and B1

‘Moving on’: B1 or B2 depending on students’ standards and requirements

‘For the More Confident’: C1 or C2 depending on students’ standards and requirements