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Spawn Killing:How is this still a thing?

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    Since the removal of the red filter when defenders run outside, spawn killing has only gotten worse. Every round starts off with one or two 3 speed defenders running outside and killing an attacker or two before the attackers can even react. Today I’ve experienced the worst spawn kill ever in this game. On Oregon as soon as I got off my drone I was dead. I did not step one foot out of my spawn and there was Ela just spraying at my entire team. This is becoming a huge issue in this game and I want to bring attention to it. Spawn killing has no place in Rainbow Six and I hope that Ubisoft will work to fix it. This video shows two instances where I was spawn killed within the first ten seconds of the match. The final clip in this montage is at the end of a round and discourages attackers from doing anything.



    For More Details:

    Business Motion Graphics Video

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