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“When you enter the world of art, you enter the world of religion.” (Aaron Rosen)

The achievements of both naturalistic appearance and expression in Western landscape painting have often been accompanied by a sense of natural order and beauty that cultivates experiences of the sublime and wonder, all of this for many, evocative of a transcendent or divine dimension. Historically, a common symbolic order, sustained in part by organised religion, provided a concrete social and cultural context for creative endeavour. Increasing secularisation in the West has been accompanied by a flux of substitutes for religion that are paralleled by a fragmented artworld. Over recent years, both landscape painting and religious art, unless imbued with irony, continue on the whole to be subjected to critical denigration by the contemporary main-stream. The Day-School will review the historical development of religious themes in Western landscape painting, spanning the passage from specifically religious imagery to more ambiguous ‘spiritual’ content, and finally, the contemporary postmodern situation.

Lecturer: Rob Newell 

Wednesday June 16th

£50 – notes only £25 

Price includes lunch and coffee

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  • £50,00
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